Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ferrari Find.

May I present to you, my op shop find of the year:

Diana Ferrari dress, found at Savers.
Price on the tag? $19.99

Tried it on. It fitted wonderfully. Why the hell was it in Savers though?


A rip.

A big ass rip.

As in, a rip made from someone sitting down and their bum exploding the fabric (the poor woman!).

Point it out to the man at the cash register. He gives me a new price: $4.99. I like this man.

Yes, my ladies, a $4.99 Diana Ferrari. I did my best to keep my cool until leaving Savers and only squealed a little on the way out to the car with my bargain.

Take the dress to a seamstress. She mends it for about $20.

By jingo, I love it all!


  1. I love that print and $4.99 is a much better price!

    E :)

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous floral print!! :) I find dresses that fit well in opshops are quite rare!
    Hannah x


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