Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm such a happy little Vegemite right now :)

I've just finished the first week of the second semester of my Master of Teaching (Secondary). While it's been weird adjusting to new classes and a new mix of people, my placement school is brilliant and I've just found I've been accepted into an elective that will allow me to become an English teacher! Double, triple, zipple awesome!

I've always wanted to be a high school teacher (by always, I mean since Year 10), and SOSE/History and English teachers always rated pretty highly on my list of awesome teachers. Now I get to be one! I'm soooooo unbelievably happy! And now I'm even more over the moon because I've just visited my new placement school and it is exactly the kind of school I'd like to work in once my course is finished.

Very happy start to the semester :) Time to eat cake and celebrate! :D

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